Sending gifts has never been this much fun!

Send and wrap gifts like coffee and vouchers through Whatsapp or SMS 


Choose gift



Wrap it up

Hit send

How It Works

The App

  1. Download the app

  2. Sign-up (NB. If you've received a gift via SMS or Whatsapp, the sign-up phone number must be the same as the number you've received the gift on)

  3. GIFT RECEIVED: It will automatically appear in your gift inbox in the app.

  4. SEND GIFT: Add credit by using your credit or debit card.

  5. Choose your gift.

  6. Wrap it in a fun wrapper.

  7. Send via SMS or Whatsapp.

Corporate Gifting

  1. Visit

  2. Sign-up and log in.


  4. Copy and Paste client and staff contact on CSV in Excel                 (PS. Do not make further changes to CVS structure)

  5. Select group.

  6. Choose gift and wrapper.

  7. Add a personalized message.

  8. Add credit to account.

  9. Send gifts.

For Merchants

  1. Contact to get signed up

  2. Login at the MERCHANT page with phone number and pin

  3. VOUCHER REDEMPTION: Choose 2D Payment

  4. Type amount and item name.

  5. Let customer scan QR code or type voucher code

  6. Daily statements sent via email

Our Story

Gift Drop was born from the need to 

celebrate together. Seeing birthdays on Facebook and just adding a wallpost, is just not enough. 


Winners of the Retail challenge with LaunchLab and Attacq, our journey of creating a culture of giving was later boosted by being accepted into the TRIGA Ventures programme. 


Now, powered by 2D Transact, Gift Drop, enables companies and users to make giving fun. Load credit on your Gift Drop account, choose your gift, wrap it up and send to anyone on your phonebook!


We look forward to seeing more smiles around our beautiful country!




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